Construction Coordination

Structural implementation – viewed from above

Smooth workflows are an essential condition for adhering to your budget and completing your projects on time. This makes linking the competencies of everyone involved in the project all the more important. As general planners, we live by an integral approach, which means regarding not only planning services as interconnected, but also the stages of structural implementation.

Within the scope of its construction coordination services, PORR Design & Engineering not only carries out preparatory work for the construction, but also provides  supervision of construction work and, as a special service, of the mechanical and electrical engineering implementations. Construction supervision ensures safety, smooth construction site workflows, implementation in accordance with the contract and construction quality.  

Expertise and supervision in building construction: construction coordination on major projects

Efficient construction coordination pays off in the long term. It contributes significantly to reducing the total project costs while ensuring consistent quality in the implementation stage. Our construction coordination teams have the extensive knowledge of all PORR Design & Engineering departments at their disposal. We bring together these competencies for building construction projects in order to provide reliable and professionally executed coordination services in structural implementation.