LEAN Management

Focussing on the client and maximising the value

Streamlined processes, from planning to implementation: LEAN Management methods maximise value by continuously eliminating waste. Clearly defining and analysing work stages in advance helps to optimise use of time and resources. We use Target Value Design to plan ahead and work towards a predefined (cost) target.

LEAN Management also focuses on engaging all the planners. Bringing together clients, partners and all professional planners helps break down communication barriers. The LEAN system is geared towards achieving improved quality with minimised costs and optimised construction times.

How do we reach this goal? Our project teams attend training sessions and workshops where they gain a comprehensive knowledge of LEAN methods and areas of application. Not only do we develop compressed workflows, we also create a LEAN corporate culture in which all employees embrace LEAN principles and apply them in their daily work.

LEAN Thinking: focussing on the essentials

Implementation of a unique, Group-wide LEAN system resulted in a marked rise in productivity in the areas of management, design and construction within PORR Design & Engineering. We work with the Last Planner® system within the application areas of LEAN Construction: the last planner takes on the role of the process owner, so that everyone works towards him or her during all the proceeding work phases. Thanks to LEAN methods, we have been able to cut down the project handover time by 50 % in some cases. 


Thomas Baierl

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